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Ask a librarian!

On the website customers can get assistance from Reference Services staff in two different ways. Enquiries that are time-consuming and require in-depth research are answered through the online reference service, which is available only to registered patrons of the Library. You can submit your enquiry on subject areas and disciplines falling within the scope of the library's collection via e-mail at info@ogyk.hu. These areas are the following:

  • law,
  • political science,
  • history,
  • philosophy, sociology, ethnography,
  • Hungarian parliamentary documents,
  • foreign parliamentary documents,
  • official documents of the United Nations and that of other international organizations,
  • official documents of the European Union.

Reference Services staff provides information on and assistance with the use of resources and search tools relevant to the subject area of the enquiry (printed and electronic resources, databases). Please note that the service does not include performing full-scale bibliographical research.

Free online resources for remote research