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A long journey from the English Parliament to a Buddhist monastery - The life and times of Árpád Ferenczy

Árpád Ferenczy (1877-1929) legal author, scholar and lecturer turned into a Buddhist monk was also a former co-worker at the Library of Parliament. As a legal scholar he was particularly interested in international law. As a researcher he spent years in England, North America and India – eventually dying in Ceylon (today's Sri Lanka) as a Buddhist monk. His most remarkable scholarly work is probably Az angol parlamenti szólásjog és fegyelem történeti fejlődése és jelen állapota (1547-1913) [Historical Evolution and Present State of Discipline and Freedom of Speech in the English Parliament (1547-1913)], one of the most comprehensive analysis on English parliamentarism ever published in Hungarian.

Ferenczy - Angol parlament

The title page of Ferenczy's monography on the English Parliament

Published on - 2020-03-04 03:19:00
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