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Book recommendations - José Bové: Rablás Brüsszelben. Lobbisták az Európai Unióban

José Bové's life has always been very colourful, just like his career: he has worked as an anti-globalist campaigner, an agricultural activist and - between 2009-2014 - a member of the European Parliament. Having spent his childhood in the U.S., he joined the anti-Vietnam war movement and readily embraced the goals of the student revolts of the 60s. Later in the 70s, he moved to India and returned to Larzac, France as a full-blown activist to protest against the building of a military base in the local area. In his present book he discusses the delicate issues and controversies of Brussels lobbying activities.

Rablás Brüsszelben

Published on - 2016-01-19 13:16:00
Category: Book recommendations