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Champion of morality tracing the truth – Remembering Felix Somló

Bódog Somló – aka Felix Somló to the international audience – was one of the most influential scholars of legal philosophy in Hungary who gained equal recognition and acclaim on the international academic scene and played a significant part in raising sociology to a scientific level in Hungary. His famous students include Gyula Moór and György Lukács. Through his academic work he made Hungarian legal philosophy widely known and his theories and legal thinking proved to be abiding for decades to come, so much so that his successors all over Europe kept returning to them over and over again.

Somló Bódog

Portrait of Bódog Somló (source: Felix Somló: Gedanken zu einer ersten Philosophie. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter & CO. 1926. [OGYK: A5/278])

Published on - 2020-09-25 08:49:00
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