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Invitation to apply for this year's scholarship programmes

It is now the tenth year in a row that applications for our scholarship programme entitled "The Library connecting people" – Cooperation among young librarians of the Carpathian Basin have been invited. The primary aim of the initiative is to strengthen and facilitate collaboration, professional relationships and sharing expertise among young Hungarian-speaking librarians of the region.

Scholarship winners will have the opportunity to spend one month with us between 26 September and 25 October 2020 to learn more about the activities of the Library of Parliament as well as gain insight into the workings of the entire Hungarian library network.

Simultaneously with the library's scholarship scheme, a similar programme for museologists will also take place in the House of Parliament: museum professionals from all around the Carpathian Basin are invited to apply for the scholarship offering them a chance to visit and get acquainted with numerous public collections in the country while building professional and personal relationships.

This year's deadline for applications is 10 August 2020.

Published on - 2020-07-06 13:24:00
Category: News