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Review of a Rare Book: the Kingdom of Hungary through a 17th-century Italian Author's Spectacles

This volume entitled Ungria restaurada compendiosa noticia de dos tiempos: del passado baxo el jugo de la tirania othomana, del presente, baxo el dominio catholico de Leopoldo II de Austria: felices sucessos de sus armas cesareas en el reyno de Croacia y principado de Transylvania by the Italian author, D. Simpliciano Bizozeri was published in Barcelona, 1688 and is part of the library's Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection. It was originally written in a Tuscan dialect and later translated into Spanish. The library owns this Spanish edition. The work provides an overview of fortresses and castles around the Kingdom of Hungary, while highlighting the functions and significance of various towns in the country from Pannonhalma through Eger to Gyula.

Bizozeri címlap

Title page of the book

Published on - 2020-11-19 10:27:00
Category: Book recommendations