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Take an exclusive tour in the Library of Parliament! – European Heritage Days await you again

The European Heritage Days, organized each year to draw public attention to the values of our built environment, will take place this weekend (19-20 September) all around the continent including Hungary. The Hungarian House of Parliament together with the library are regular participants at the event and will join the programme this year, too. We will offer guided tours around library spaces in English and Hungarian on both days during which you can discover our 100-year old bookbinding machines and our new exhibition space displaying representative volumes of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection.

Visitors will also be welcome to register with the library and purchase albums, books and booklets published by Országház Publisher (the Publishing Company of the Office of the Hungarian National Assembly). However, regular library services will not be available during the weekend.

If you wish to participate in any of our guided tours, you shall register in advance by filling in our online form: https://konseta.parlament.hu/web/. You may reach the English-language interface by clicking the Union Jack.

So that the library can contribute to the efficiency of COVID-19 prevention, a number of restrictions have been introduced at our institution. You may find out more about the currently applicable security guidelines here: https://www.ogyk.hu/en/blog/posts/further-restrictions-introduced-at-the-library-to-enhance-covid-19-prevention

Come and learn more about the unique collection and intriguing history of one of the most spectacular public libraries in Hungary!

KÖN 2019.

Last year's Cultural Heritage Days at the library

Published on - 2020-09-15 15:19:00
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