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Trianon 100 – Wagon-dwellers in Hungary after Trianon

The Hungarian Childcare League settled an agreement with the then Speaker of the National Assembly with the help of which in the first few years of the 1920s the organisation could provide shelter to around 300 "wagon-dweller" children migrating from the former Hungarian territories in rooms on the ground- and mezzanine floors within the Upper-House wing of the Parliament's building. In our latest article we offer an insight into the historical context of this humanitarian move.

Vagonlakók az Országházban

Wagon-dwellers on the corridor of the House of Parliament, 1920 (source: Mindennapok az Országházban [Everydays in the House of Parliament], Országház Publishing Company, 2018. 8. p.)

Published on - 2020-11-26 02:20:00
Category: Anniversaries