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Trianon 100 – What made Hungary sign the Treaty of Trianon?

In the last few decades, the question had frequently occurred to some, whether it could have been an option for Hungarian delegates at the Paris Peace Conference in 1920 not to give their consent to the content of the Treaty of Trianon. In our latest article we argue that the drastic territorial loss stipulated in the treaty would have happened anyway independent of Hungary's permission, but should the Hungarian government have refused to sign the document, it could easily have thrown the country into a persona-non-grata status on the international scene and would have led to severe social mayhem domestically.

Trianon - aláírás előtt

4 June1920. The Hungarian delegates immediately before signing the Treaty of Trianon.

Published on - 2020-10-08 14:23:00
Category: Anniversaries