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Unique manuscripts in the Hungarian Parliamentary Collection – Nándor Urmanczy's memoir

Nándor Urmánczy, politician and journalist had been the member of the Hungarian National Assembly for 16 years from 1902 on. He established the first state school at his birthplace, Maroshévíz (Toplita, Romania), founded the first newspaper of the town, he initiatied the raising of the since destroyed North-South-East-West statues at Szabadság square, Budapest. He was also the founder of Defenders' League Association. Also, it was his idea to create the so-called "National Creed" and the Heirloom National Flag Movement after the Treaty of Trianon.

Urmánczy dombormű, Margitsziget

Nándor Urmánczy's relief on Margit Island, Budapest

Published on - 2020-09-17 13:27:00
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