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Electronic resources

E-resources available on the territory of the library

MPs and their staff may access the databases listed below via the computers located in the Information Centre for Deputies.

Our fee-paying public patrons – including researchers and university students – are also free to use these databases on the territory of the library. (Excluding Új Jogtár®, which may also be used with free library membership).

English language databases

EBSCO databases (EISZ*)

A collection of periodicals from various disciplines. Thousands of mostly social sciences periodicals, dailies and weeklies from North America and Europe. (In most cases the full text of the articles.) Articles in German, French and Hungarian are regularly being added.

  • Academic Search Complete
  • Designed for academic institutions, EBSCO’s multidisciplinary database is a leading resource for scholarly research. It supports high-level research in the key areas of academic study by offering access to more than 7300 peer-reviewed full-text journals as well as indexed abstracts of 12500 other content including magazines, periodicals, reports, books and more. With English still dominant, the collection contains a large number of German, French, Spanish, Italian and even Hungarian language documents, typically in the field of political science, communication, cultural studies and sociology.

  • eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)
  • European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750
  • GreenFILE
  • Historical Abstracts
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts


A retrospective, full-text database of law journals.

This database includes over seventy million pages of legal history and over 1500 law-related periodicals in English. It carries the full text of US congressional reports, the documents of famous lawsuits as from the early 18th century, legal literature from Aristotle to the 20th century, documents of the United Nations, all the international agreements that the USA has signed, the documents of Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as from 1938.


Retrospective, full-text archive of journal articles. Over 1000 leading academic periodicals in the arts and social sciences.

Oxford Journals – Law Collections (EISZ*)

The Law Collection of Oxford University Press Journals contains 56 full-text, high impact factor legal journals dating back to 1996. They include such well-known and prestigious periodicals as Current Legal Problems, Journal of Environmental Law, British Journal of Criminology and Human Rights Law Review. The volumes of the subscribed journals covering all the major research areas of international law are available for download via the gateway to Oxford online academic resources for our fee-paying patrons. Meanwhile the number of Open Access titles such as the Journal of Cybersecurity and the Journal of Law and the Biosciences is also steadily increasing.

World Biographical Information System (WBIS) Online (EISZ*)

A unified database of thirty national collections of biographies, it covers over six million persons. The profiles cover time from the 8th century BC to the present day. It carries some 8.5 million digital articles in biographical collections. You can search it in six languages.

Databases in Hungarian

Akadémiai Szótárcsomag (Academic Dictionaries) (EISZ*)

Unabridged bilingual dictionaries in six languages as published by the Hungarian publishing company, Akadémiai Kiadó; monolingual dictionaries, encyclopedias and a dictionary of the terms used by institutions of the European Union are also included.

Osiris Publishing Company Digital Collection (EISZ*)

In recent years, Osiris Publishing Company has become one of the major and most prestigious academic and literary publishers in Hungary within the disciplines of humanities and social sciences. Since its establishment in 1994 it has also served as an intellectual centre for widely respected researchers and authors of various fields of study. The publisher’s academic volumes, university textbooks and high-quality general knowledge works are intended to the Hungarian intelligentsia, university students as well as educated, open-minded audiences. On average, the company publishes 200 titles annually, the majority of which are written in Hungarian and a smaller number consists of translations. The digital collection at present offers full-text access to 1750 volumes published by Osiris.

The collection is also available via the main page of Szaktárs database portal: https://www.szaktars.hu

L’Harmattan Digital Database (EISZ*)

The vast majority of content provided in the database was created in cooperation with L’Harmattan’s long term academic, higher-education, professional and cilvil partner institutions. The high-profile academic volumes of the L’Harmattan portfolio are well completed by a range of literary works. In the publisher’s digital collection, regular patrons of subscribing institutions may get access to almost 1500 titles, around 10.000 chapters and 390.000 pages of digitized content equipped with full-text search.

The collection is also available via the main page of Szaktárs database portal: https://www.szaktars.hu

Akadémiai Kiadó Digital Archive

The collection provides access to books published by the Publishing Company of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Akadémiai Kiadó) between 1950 and 1996 (sporadically some volumes published after this period are also available). The cca. 2.5 million pages of the 8000 digitized volumes available in the collection offer a wealth of multidisciplinary knowledge to be researched in a wide range of academic fields.

The collection is also available via the main page of Szaktárs database portal: https://www.szaktars.hu

Arcanum Digitheca

A continously growing full-text digital collection that can be searched by authors and titles of articles in periodicals and entries in encyclopedias and yearbooks. Results can be refined by date and subject areas. More than 8 million pages are available including the following renowned periodicals: Budapesti Szemle (1857-1940), Fővárosi Közlöny (1890-2005), Hadtörténelmi Közlemények (1888-2009), Népszava (1873-2014), Vasárnapi Újság (1854-1921), Magyarország tiszti cím- és névtára (1873-1944).

Új Jogtár® (A collection of statutes)

A cutting edge online platform for the most complete collection of statutes in force in Hungary that also ensures access to court decisions, commentaries, sample documents and a wide range of law-related professional databases, e-documents and other legal content.

National Audio-visual Archive of Hungary (NAVA)

NAVA serves as a single central archive to collect, preserve and provide access to the programmes of all the major national television and radio stations in Hungary. As required by law, NAVA maintains the depository archives of Hungarian or Hungary-related programmes broadcast by M1, M2, Duna (public TV stations), RTL Klub and TV2 (the two major commercial TV channels) since 1 January 2006.

Apart from legal deposits, NAVA also provides access to 100 Hungarian fiction films from the Hungarian National Film Archive, the exam projects of the University of Theatre and Film Arts and Mediawave festival films.

The NAVA catalogue together with all the metadata and 1-minute previews can be freely searched, and Hungarian World News as well as the above mentioned university exam projects are also publicly available. However, the full range of this rich audio-visual content is only available via NAVA-spots i.e. schools and educational centres, museums, archives, audio-visual archives and public libraries including the Library of the Hungarian Parliament.

* Electronic Information Service (EISZ):The Electronic Information Service provides access to (mainly non-Hungarian) online databases as sponsored by the EISZ base programme, TÁMOP: Hungary’s Social Renewal Operational Programme, and from contributions by member organizations of EISZ. In 2012 EISZ had permission to provide access to 29 online databases. In addition, our library has access to the EBSCO database and Arcanum’s Digital Knowledge Base. The EISZ national programme uses a country-wide licence for providing access to crucial electronic databases to higher education institutions and researchers. EISZ has managed to increase the international competitiveness of the Hungarian colleges, universities and non-profit research institutes by securing increased access to information. EISZ has been established for the very purpose of ensuring the broadest possible access to value-added international scientific information. The EISZ national programme has become an indispensable part of the work of researchers in Hungary. EISZ provides access to scholarly databases all around Hungary and as such has become an organic component of the Hungarian research infrastructure. It includes bibliographic information and full text versions of current periodicals, specialized articles and scientific publications as well as databases that are essential for research.