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Nagy Miklós Prize

Nagy Miklós Prize – awarded on 6 November, the anniversary of the library's establishment each year – was founded by the Speaker of the Parliament in 2018 to recognize the professional achievement of a librarian who has contributed to the promotion of the goals of the Library of Parliament.

Miklós Nagy, former director of the Library of Parliament, was one of the most remarkable library professionals of the years between the two world wars in Hungary, who – besides significantly advancing the professional quality at the Library of Parliament – was one of the leading figures achieving the approval of the 1922 law on legal deposit.

Nagy Miklós Prize was first awarded in November 2018 at a professional conference to commemorate the library's 150th anniversary.


Kokas Károly

Awardee of year 2020: dr. Károly Kokas, Deputy Director-General of University of Szeged Klebelsberg Library

To read his appraciation click here (in Hungarian)

Varga Éva

Awardee of year 2019: Éva Varga, President of the Sub-Carpathian Hungarian Librarians' Association

To read her appreciation click here (in Hungarian)

Horváth József

Awardee of year 2018: dr. József Horváth, Chief Secretary of the National University of Public Service

To read his appreciation click here (in Hungarian)