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University programme

As a national research library of law and political science, the Library of Parliament seeks close ties with colleges and universities teaching related subjects. The library runs a complex higher-education programme, which is gaining in popularity. The higher-education programme is meant to supply instructors, researchers and students with literature and help them study their fields of interest. We wish to help students learn about and learn how to use the conventional and electronic resources of information about their fields of study.

An important component of the higher-education programme is the semester course entitled “Parliamentarism in practice: an introduction to finding information and using libraries”. It was launched at the ELTE Faculty of Law and Constitutional Sciences in spring 2007. We teach students techniques and skills for their studies of law and political science and teach them methods for obtaining knowledge for scholarly analyses. The curriculum includes general and specific themes, which are meant for the broadest possible uses. We teach students how to combine theory and practice and how to use conventional and advanced sources of information autonomously. Students solve practical assignments in the library.

For further information about the course, please contact Czákné Szomor Ildikó at (+36-1) 441 4374 or by sending her an e-mail to szomor.ildiko@ogyk.hu.